Diamond Initials

Diamond Initials

Necklace 40 cm with sliding ball (size adaptable), 0.8mm large chain.
Bracelet total length 17 cm with sliding ball (size adaptable).

Pendants mesure approximately 5mm depending on letters. 
Carat weight will also depend on the letters you choose.

All diamonds are 100% conflict free and G/VS quality. 

All Necklaces and bracelets can be ordered in White, Yellow or Rose Gold.

Each piece is custom made, please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.

Please contact us for bracelets and necklaces with more than 1 pendants:

Price list: 

Initial Bracelets:

1 letter: NOW 350 CHF before 650 CHF
2 letters: NOW 450 CHF instead of 850 CHF
3 letters: NOW 550 CHF instead of 950 CHF
4 letters: NOW 650 CHF instead of 1150 CHF

Initial Necklaces:

1 letter: NOW 490 CHF before 890 CHF
2 letters: NOW 590 CHF instead of 1090 CHF
3 letters: NOW 690 CHF instead of 1290 CHF
4 letters: NOW 790 CHF instead of 1390 CHF

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