Size Guide

Tips to help you choose your jewelry in the right size. Of course, if you have any further questions regarding the sizing of our jewelry, or would simply like our advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

Tips for choosing the right ring size for you

You can find the right ring size by using one of the methods below:

Measure the diameter of your ring and refer to the size guide table below.

Use a ribbon and pass it around your finger, taking care not to overtighten the ribbon to allow it to pass the finger joint (where your finger is widest). Make a mark on the ribbon at the 2 places where the ribbon meets. Measure the distance between these two marks and refer to the size guide table below.

You can also print our ring size chart to measure an existing ring. Simply print it at the right scale and place your favorite ring on it to find out your ring size.

If it turns out that you are between 2 sizes, we recommend that you choose the size above. If you are worried about choosing the correct size because the jewelry is a gift, remember it is possible to choose an adjustable model, exchange it for a different size or choose a gift voucher.

Tips for choosing your necklace length

We offer several different lengths of necklaces, the small diagram opposite should help you to choose your desired length.

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