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A true tribute to 90s Italian fashion, the Bellezza collection blends colors, shapes and semi-precious stones to transport you into a world of style, joie de vivre and elegance. Look no further than the many facets of the Avinas woman this winter: passionate, amorous, mischievous and terribly vibrant!

Discover Dolce, Amore, Perlato, Regina, Veloce, Serpentina, Noto, Pearly Moon and Fortuna and become the woman you want to be.

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Amore EarringsAmore Earrings
Amore Earrings Sale priceCHF 209.00
Fortuna Bracelet - Lapis LazuliFortuna Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli
Fortuna Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli Sale priceCHF 229.00
Dolce Necklace - GreenDolce Necklace - Green
Dolce Necklace - Green Sale priceCHF 229.00
To engraveDreamer bracelet to personalizeDreamer bracelet to personalize
Dreamer bracelet to personalize Sale priceCHF 100.00
Perlato RingPerlato Ring
Perlato Ring Sale priceCHF 149.00
To engraveNoto Necklace - Mother-of-PearlNoto Necklace - Mother-of-Pearl
Noto Necklace - Mother-of-Pearl Sale priceCHF 229.00
Pearly Moon Ear CuffPearly Moon Ear Cuff
Pearly Moon Ear Cuff Sale priceCHF 89.00
Fortuna Stud Earrings - ChalcedonyFortuna Stud Earrings - Chalcedony
Fortuna Stud Earrings - Lapis LazuliFortuna Stud Earrings - Lapis Lazuli
Dolce Pendant EarringsDolce Pendant Earrings
Dolce Pendant Earrings Sale priceCHF 249.00
Regina Ring - OnyxRegina Ring - Onyx
Regina Ring - Onyx Sale priceCHF 249.00
To engraveNoto Necklace - MalachiteNoto Necklace - Malachite
Noto Necklace - Malachite Sale priceCHF 229.00
Noto Bracelet - Mother-of-PearlNoto Bracelet - Mother-of-Pearl
Noto Bracelet - Mother-of-Pearl Sale priceCHF 209.00
Amore RingAmore Ring
Amore Ring Sale priceCHF 159.00
Dolce RingDolce Ring
Dolce Ring Sale priceCHF 169.00
Dolce Ring - BlueDolce Ring - Blue
Dolce Ring - Blue Sale priceCHF 169.00
Dolce Ring - PinkDolce Ring - Pink
Dolce Ring - Pink Sale priceCHF 169.00
Dolce Ring - GreenDolce Ring - Green
Dolce Ring - Green Sale priceCHF 169.00
Dolce Large RingDolce Large Ring
Dolce Large Ring Sale priceCHF 209.00
Dolce Large Ring - LavanderDolce Large Ring - Lavander
Dolce Large Ring - Lavander Sale priceCHF 209.00
Dolce Large Ring - OrangeDolce Large Ring - Orange
Dolce Large Ring - Orange Sale priceCHF 209.00
Veloce RingVeloce Ring
Veloce Ring Sale priceCHF 169.00
Dolce Hoops Earrings - PinkDolce Hoops Earrings - Pink
Dolce Hoops Earrings - Pink Sale priceCHF 229.00
Pearly Moon Hoop Earrings - LargePearly Moon Hoop Earrings - Large
Pearly Moon Hoop Earrings - SmallPearly Moon Hoop Earrings - Small
Pearly Moon Hoop Earrings - Small Sale priceFrom CHF 89.00
Perlato Hoop Earrings - LargePerlato Hoop Earrings - Large
Perlato Hoop Earrings - Large Sale priceCHF 189.00
Perlato Hoop Earrings - SmallPerlato Hoop Earrings - Small
Perlato Hoop Earrings - Small Sale priceCHF 149.00
Veloce Hoop EarringsVeloce Hoop Earrings
Veloce Hoop Earrings Sale priceCHF 249.00
To engraveRemember bracelet to personalizeRemember bracelet to personalize
Amore BraceletAmore Bracelet
Amore Bracelet Sale priceCHF 450.00
Gioia Chain BraceletGioia Chain Bracelet
Gioia Chain Bracelet Sale priceCHF 149.00
Dolce BraceletDolce Bracelet
Dolce Bracelet Sale priceCHF 189.00
Dolce Bracelet - PinkDolce Bracelet - Pink
Dolce Bracelet - Pink Sale priceCHF 189.00
Dolce Bracelet - GreenDolce Bracelet - Green
Dolce Bracelet - Green Sale priceCHF 189.00
Fortuna Bracelet - ChalcedonyFortuna Bracelet - Chalcedony
Fortuna Bracelet - Chalcedony Sale priceCHF 229.00
Veloce Cuff BraceletVeloce Cuff Bracelet
Veloce Cuff Bracelet Sale priceFrom CHF 329.00
Noto Bracelet - Lapis LazuliNoto Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli
Noto Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli Sale priceCHF 209.00
Noto Bracelet - MalachiteNoto Bracelet - Malachite
Noto Bracelet - Malachite Sale priceCHF 209.00
Serpentina BraceletSerpentina Bracelet
Serpentina Bracelet Sale priceCHF 169.00
Amore necklaceAmore necklace
Amore necklace Sale priceCHF 550.00
Gioia Chain NecklaceGioia Chain Necklace
Gioia Chain Necklace Sale priceCHF 169.00
Dolce NecklaceDolce Necklace
Dolce Necklace Sale priceCHF 229.00
Dolce Necklace - PinkDolce Necklace - Pink
Dolce Necklace - Pink Sale priceCHF 229.00
Fortuna Necklace - ChalcedonyFortuna Necklace - Chalcedony
Fortuna Necklace - Chalcedony Sale priceCHF 249.00
Fortuna Necklace - Lapis LazuliFortuna Necklace - Lapis Lazuli
Fortuna Necklace - Lapis Lazuli Sale priceCHF 249.00
To engraveNoto Necklace - Lapis LazuliNoto Necklace - Lapis Lazuli
Noto Necklace - Lapis Lazuli Sale priceCHF 229.00
Pearly Moon NecklacePearly Moon Necklace
Pearly Moon Necklace Sale priceCHF 159.00
Regina Necklace - OnyxRegina Necklace - Onyx
Regina Necklace - Onyx Sale priceCHF 249.00