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Our Professional Advice

Piercing Aftercare

To ensure that your piercing heals properly, regular upkeep is required for the first two weeks:

Always wash your hands before touching your piercing

Apply a sterile saline solution to the wound with a spray in the morning and evening. Do not use disinfectant solutions or alcohol on your piercings

Dab the area with a sterile compress to remove excess saline

Do not turn the piercing

Be careful when you style your hair or get dressed, not to pull on the piercing. Also be careful not to put your cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, etc. directly on the wound.

As it dries, the wound forms a crust that can sometimes be substantial. Do not tear it off, it enables your piercing to heal properly. To reduce it, you can use a sterile compress and hot water that you apply on it for 5 minutes.

Avoid sleeping on the ear that has just been pierced: you can even use a travel pillow and place your ear in the hole if you are struggling to find a comfortable position to sleep in 😉

We also advise you to avoid bathing in chlorinated water pools or freshwater lakes for the first two weeks after piercing.

Finally, do not remove your jewelry during the healing time as it will close immediately. The healing time depends on the pierced area (read more).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.