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Our Addresses

Find us In-Store

You can find our jewelry collections at the addresses below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know in advance if the jewelry that you are interested in is available in-store.

Globus Geneva

Adress: Rue du Rhône 48, 1204 Geneva

Services: Engravings, Custom Orders, Pick-up…

Globus Lausanne

Adress: Rue du Pont 5, 1003 Lausanne

Globus Bern


Adress: Spitalgasse 17/21, 3001 Bern

Bongénie Grieder Geneva

Adress: Rue du Marché 34, 1204 Genf

Bongénie Lausanne

Adress: Place Saint François 10, 1003 Lausanne

Grieder Zürich

Adress: Bahnhofstrasse 30, 8001 Zürich