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Gold Necklaces

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Initiale Gold PendantInitiale Gold Pendant
Initiale Gold Pendant Sale priceCHF 250.00
Solitaire Heart Necklace - Gold & DiamondsSolitaire Heart Necklace - Gold & Diamonds
Solitaire Heart Necklace - Gold & Diamonds Sale priceFrom CHF 1,500.00
Solitaire Round Necklace - Gold & DiamondsSolitaire Round Necklace - Gold & Diamonds
Solitaire Round Necklace - Gold & Diamonds Sale priceFrom CHF 1,500.00
Save 20%Sunset Necklace - Gold, Turquoise, Citrine and Diamond
Sunset Necklace - Gold, Turquoise, Citrine and Diamond Sale priceCHF 760.00 Regular priceCHF 950.00
To engraveGold Heart Necklace to EngraveEngravable_Heart_Necklace_Worn
Gold Heart Necklace to Engrave Sale priceCHF 990.00
Out of stockSave 20%Rising Sun Gold & Diamonds NecklaceRising_Sun_Necklace_YG_Worn
Rising Sun Gold & Diamonds Necklace Sale priceCHF 712.00 Regular priceCHF 890.00
Out of stockSave 20%Tiny_Heart_Double_Necklace_YG_WornTiny_Heart_Double_Necklace_YG
Gold & Diamonds Double Necklace Sale priceCHF 1,280.00 Regular priceCHF 1,600.00
Gold & Blue Sapphires “Five” NecklaceFive_Necklace_BlueSap_YG_Worn
Gold & Blue Sapphires “Five” Necklace Sale priceFrom CHF 1,200.00
Gold & Diamonds “Five” NecklaceFive_Necklace_Diamonds_Worn
Gold & Diamonds “Five” Necklace Sale priceFrom CHF 1,600.00
Gold & Pink Sapphires “Five” NecklaceGold & Pink Sapphires “Five” Necklace
Gold & Diamonds Lotus NecklaceGold & Diamonds Lotus Necklace
Gold & Diamonds Lotus Necklace Sale priceCHF 1,200.00
To engraveGold Medal Necklace to EngraveEngravable_Medal_Necklace_Worn
Gold Medal Necklace to Engrave Sale priceCHF 990.00
Gold & Diamond Tiny Eye NecklaceTiny_Eye_Necklace_Worn_2
Gold_Emerald_Choker_Necklace_YG copieFive_Necklace_Emerald_Worn
Gold & Emeralds "Five" Necklace Sale priceCHF 1,500.00
Save 20%Gold & Diamond Choker Eye NecklaceGold & Diamond Choker Eye Necklace
Gold & Diamond Choker Eye Necklace Sale priceCHF 1,440.00 Regular priceCHF 1,800.00
Initiale_Gold_14K_WG_2White Gold & Diamond Initial Necklace