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Gioia Chain BraceletGioia Chain Bracelet
Gioia Chain Bracelet Sale priceCHF 149.00
To engraveRemember bracelet to personalizeRemember bracelet to personalize
To engraveDreamer bracelet to personalizeDreamer bracelet to personalize
Dreamer bracelet to personalize Sale priceCHF 100.00
Noto Bracelet - Lapis LazuliNoto Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli
Noto Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli Sale priceCHF 209.00
Noto Bracelet - Mother-of-PearlNoto Bracelet - Mother-of-Pearl
Noto Bracelet - Mother-of-Pearl Sale priceCHF 209.00
Noto Bracelet - MalachiteNoto Bracelet - Malachite
Noto Bracelet - Malachite Sale priceCHF 209.00
Fortuna Bracelet - Lapis LazuliFortuna Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli
Fortuna Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli Sale priceCHF 229.00
Fortuna Bracelet - ChalcedonyFortuna Bracelet - Chalcedony
Fortuna Bracelet - Chalcedony Sale priceCHF 229.00
Serpentina BraceletSerpentina Bracelet
Serpentina Bracelet Sale priceCHF 169.00
Veloce Cuff BraceletVeloce Cuff Bracelet
Veloce Cuff Bracelet Sale priceFrom CHF 329.00
Dolce Bracelet - GreenDolce Bracelet - Green
Dolce Bracelet - Green Sale priceCHF 189.00
Dolce BraceletDolce Bracelet
Dolce Bracelet Sale priceCHF 189.00
Dolce Bracelet - PinkDolce Bracelet - Pink
Dolce Bracelet - Pink Sale priceCHF 189.00
Amore BraceletAmore Bracelet
Amore Bracelet Sale priceCHF 450.00
Venus Bracelet Sale priceCHF 189.00
Swirl Bracelet Sale priceCHF 209.00
Riviera CuffRiviera_Cuff_RH_Worn
Riviera Cuff Sale priceCHF 590.00
Last CallTwist CuffTwist_Cuff_Worn
Twist Cuff Sale priceCHF 229.00
Save 30%York_Bracelet-1York_Bracelet_Worn
York Pearl Bracelet Sale priceCHF 146.00 Regular priceCHF 209.00
Ribbon Cuff Sale priceCHF 239.00
Zanzibar Bangle Sale priceCHF 690.00
Honoré Cuff Bracelet Sale priceCHF 790.00
Akoya BraceletAkoya_Bracelet_YG_Worn
Akoya Bracelet Sale priceCHF 209.00
Strong CuffCuff_Amour_Happy_Strong
Strong Cuff Sale priceCHF 349.00
Amour CuffCuff_Amour_Happy_Strong
Amour Cuff Sale priceCHF 349.00
Lovely Heart Bracelet Sale priceCHF 149.00
Last CallSave 30%Stone BraceletStone_Bracelet_Worn
Stone Bracelet Sale priceCHF 111.00 Regular priceCHF 159.00
Silver Chain BraceletSilver Chain Bracelet
Silver Chain Bracelet Sale priceCHF 89.00
Last CallSave 50%TinyMoon_Cuff_RHTinyMoon_Cuff_Worn
Tiny Moon Cuff Sale priceCHF 95.00 Regular priceCHF 189.00
To engraveBaby_Bracelet_Heart_SilverBaby_Rectangle_Bracelet_Heart_Worn
Rectangle Heart Baby Bracelet Sale priceCHF 149.00
To engraveBaby_Bracelet_Star_SilverBaby_Rectangle_Bracelet_Star_Worn
Rectangle Star Baby Bracelet Sale priceCHF 149.00
To engraveAvinas_Birthstone_BlueBirthstone
Last CallSave 30%Statement_Bracelet_YGAntique_Medal_Bracelet_Worn
Antique Medal Bracelet with Large Chain Sale priceCHF 133.00 Regular priceCHF 189.00
Save 50%Collection_MedaillesAnciennes_BraceletAncient Medallion Bracelet
Ancient Medallion Bracelet Sale priceCHF 95.00 Regular priceCHF 189.00
Save 52%Pearl BraceletWorn_Bracelet_Perles
Pearl Bracelet Sale priceCHF 90.00 Regular priceCHF 189.00
Last CallSave 30%Eye BraceletEye_Bracelet_RG_Worn
Eye Bracelet Sale priceCHF 118.00 Regular priceCHF 169.00
Save 30%Triad BraceletWorn_Bracelet_Triade
Triad Bracelet Sale priceCHF 133.00 Regular priceCHF 189.00
Save 30%Drop BraceletDrop_Bracelet_YG_Worn
Drop Bracelet Sale priceCHF 118.00 Regular priceCHF 169.00
Confetti Mix BraceletWorn_Bracelet_Confetti_Mix
Confetti Mix Bracelet Sale priceCHF 189.00
Confetti BraceletConfetti_DBRRH_2
Confetti Bracelet Sale priceCHF 169.00