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Silver Jewelry

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To engraveMoon Medal Necklace - To EngraveMoon Medal Necklace - To Engrave
Gioia Chain BraceletGioia Chain Bracelet
Gioia Chain Bracelet Sale price$173.00
Gioia Chain NecklaceGioia Chain Necklace
Gioia Chain Necklace Sale price$196.00
To engraveRemember bracelet to personalizeRemember bracelet to personalize
To engraveDreamer bracelet to personalizeDreamer bracelet to personalize
To engraveSpinning Secret Medal Necklace - SmallSpinning Secret Medal Necklace - Small
To engraveSpinning Secret Medal Necklace - SmallSpinning Secret Medal Necklace - Small
Dolce Pendant EarringsDolce Pendant Earrings
Dolce Pendant Earrings Sale price$289.00
Noto Bracelet - Lapis LazuliNoto Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli
Noto Bracelet - Mother-of-PearlNoto Bracelet - Mother-of-Pearl
Noto Bracelet - MalachiteNoto Bracelet - Malachite
Noto Bracelet - Malachite Sale price$243.00
To engraveNoto Necklace - Lapis LazuliNoto Necklace - Lapis Lazuli
To engraveNoto Necklace - Mother-of-PearlNoto Necklace - Mother-of-Pearl
To engraveNoto Necklace - MalachiteNoto Necklace - Malachite
Noto Necklace - Malachite Sale price$266.00
Perlato Hoop Earrings - LargePerlato Hoop Earrings - Large
Perlato Hoop Earrings - SmallPerlato Hoop Earrings - Small
Perlato RingPerlato Ring
Perlato Ring Sale price$173.00
Perlato Ear CuffPerlato Ear Cuff
Perlato Ear Cuff Sale price$138.00
Pearly Moon NecklacePearly Moon Necklace
Pearly Moon Necklace Sale price$185.00
Pearly Moon Hoop Earrings - LargePearly Moon Hoop Earrings - Large
Pearly Moon Hoop Earrings - SmallPearly Moon Hoop Earrings - Small
Pearly Moon Hoop Earrings - Small Sale priceFrom $104.00
Pearly Moon Ear CuffPearly Moon Ear Cuff
Pearly Moon Ear Cuff Sale price$104.00
Regina Ring - OnyxRegina Ring - Onyx
Regina Ring - Onyx Sale price$289.00
Regina Necklace - OnyxRegina Necklace - Onyx
Regina Necklace - Onyx Sale price$289.00
Fortuna Stud Earrings - Lapis LazuliFortuna Stud Earrings - Lapis Lazuli
Fortuna Stud Earrings - ChalcedonyFortuna Stud Earrings - Chalcedony
Fortuna Bracelet - Lapis LazuliFortuna Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli
Fortuna Bracelet - ChalcedonyFortuna Bracelet - Chalcedony
Fortuna Necklace - Lapis LazuliFortuna Necklace - Lapis Lazuli
Fortuna Necklace - ChalcedonyFortuna Necklace - Chalcedony
Serpentina NecklaceSerpentina Necklace
Serpentina Necklace Sale price$243.00
Serpentina BraceletSerpentina Bracelet
Serpentina Bracelet Sale price$196.00
Veloce RingVeloce Ring
Veloce Ring Sale price$196.00
Veloce Cuff BraceletVeloce Cuff Bracelet
Veloce Cuff Bracelet Sale priceFrom $382.00
Veloce Hoop EarringsVeloce Hoop Earrings
Veloce Hoop Earrings Sale price$289.00
Dolce Bracelet - GreenDolce Bracelet - Green
Dolce Bracelet - Green Sale price$220.00
Dolce BraceletDolce Bracelet
Dolce Bracelet Sale price$220.00
Dolce Bracelet - PinkDolce Bracelet - Pink
Dolce Bracelet - Pink Sale price$220.00
Dolce NecklaceDolce Necklace
Dolce Necklace Sale price$266.00
Dolce Necklace - GreenDolce Necklace - Green
Dolce Necklace - Green Sale price$266.00
Dolce Necklace - PinkDolce Necklace - Pink
Dolce Necklace - Pink Sale price$266.00
Dolce Hoops Earrings - PinkDolce Hoops Earrings - Pink
Dolce Hoops Earrings - Pink Sale price$266.00
Dolce RingDolce Ring
Dolce Ring Sale price$196.00
Dolce Ring - GreenDolce Ring - Green
Dolce Ring - Green Sale price$196.00
Dolce Ring - PinkDolce Ring - Pink
Dolce Ring - Pink Sale price$196.00
Dolce Ring - BlueDolce Ring - Blue
Dolce Ring - Blue Sale price$196.00
Dolce Large RingDolce Large Ring
Dolce Large Ring Sale price$243.00
Dolce Large Ring - OrangeDolce Large Ring - Orange
Dolce Large Ring - Orange Sale price$243.00