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Jewelry Care Tips

Our Jewelry...

Avinas ensures that it offers you top-of-the-range jewelry. We design our jewelry in-house and ensure its quality at every stage of the manufacturing process.

The plating of our jewelry is done on a 925 silver base (sterling silver), our jewelry is plated in either rhodium or gold with a minimum thickness of 3 microns.

Depending on the collection, we can use semi-precious stones, zirconium (A++++ Cubic Zirkonia) or diamonds. All diamonds used are at least F/G colored and VS pure and are generally of a higher quality than advertised. Diamonds exceeding 0.5 carats are delivered with a GIA certificate. It is also possible to make special orders for diamonds, the delivery time is 3 weeks for a custom made gold and diamond jewelry.

... is worth your attention

To preserve the beauty and quality of your Avinas jewelry, we recommend that you avoid prolonged contact with water (bath, sea and swimming pools), as well perfume and cosmetics. We also recommend that you avoid contact with sand in order to avoid micro-scratches.

To clean your jewelry, use a dry, soft cloth.

Finally, when you’re not wearing your Avinas jewelry, we recommend putting them back in the soft padded pockets they came in.

The Avinas​ Guarantee

All our jewelry has a year-long guarantee. See our detailed terms and conditions.