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Want to perfect your look for the festive season? Check out our selection of jewels that will keep you glowing all night long!

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Under the Tree

We've taken a look at the wishlists sent to Santa, and here are your favorite items to slip under the tree.

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Looking for a unique gift? Add your personal touch by choosing one of our engraving jewels.

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Looking for a gift that's sure to please? With the Avinas card, you can be sure you won't go wrong.

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To engraveMoon Medal Necklace - To EngraveMoon Medal Necklace - To Engrave
Gioia Chain BraceletGioia Chain Bracelet
Gioia Chain Bracelet Sale price$173.00
Gioia Chain NecklaceGioia Chain Necklace
Gioia Chain Necklace Sale price$197.00
To engraveSpinning Secret Medal Necklace - SmallSpinning Secret Medal Necklace - Small
To engraveSpinning Secret Medal Necklace - SmallSpinning Secret Medal Necklace - Small
Noto Bracelet - Lapis LazuliNoto Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli
Noto Bracelet - Mother-of-PearlNoto Bracelet - Mother-of-Pearl
Noto Bracelet - MalachiteNoto Bracelet - Malachite
Noto Bracelet - Malachite Sale price$243.00
To engraveNoto Necklace - Lapis LazuliNoto Necklace - Lapis Lazuli
To engraveNoto Necklace - Mother-of-PearlNoto Necklace - Mother-of-Pearl
To engraveNoto Necklace - MalachiteNoto Necklace - Malachite
Noto Necklace - Malachite Sale price$266.00
Perlato Hoop Earrings - LargePerlato Hoop Earrings - Large
Perlato Hoop Earrings - SmallPerlato Hoop Earrings - Small
Perlato Ear CuffPerlato Ear Cuff
Perlato Ear Cuff Sale price$139.00
Pearly Moon NecklacePearly Moon Necklace
Pearly Moon Necklace Sale price$185.00
Pearly Moon Hoop Earrings - LargePearly Moon Hoop Earrings - Large
Pearly Moon Hoop Earrings - SmallPearly Moon Hoop Earrings - Small
Pearly Moon Hoop Earrings - Small Sale priceFrom $104.00
Pearly Moon Ear CuffPearly Moon Ear Cuff
Pearly Moon Ear Cuff Sale price$104.00
Fortuna Bracelet - Lapis LazuliFortuna Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli
Fortuna Bracelet - ChalcedonyFortuna Bracelet - Chalcedony
Joane Stud Earring - Gold & DiamondsJoane Stud Earring - Gold & Diamonds
Bolty Ear Piercing - Gold & DiamondsBolty Ear Piercing - Gold & Diamonds
Sky Moonstone NecklaceSky_Collection_Worn
Sky Moonstone Necklace Sale price$220.00
Venus Bracelet Sale price$220.00
Venus Necklace Sale price$243.00
To engraveGold Heart Necklace to EngraveEngravable_Heart_Necklace_Worn
Gold Heart Necklace to Engrave Sale price$1,150.00
Rising Sun Gold & Diamonds NecklaceRising_Sun_Necklace_YG_Worn
Rising Sun Gold & Diamonds BraceletRising_Sun_Bracelet_YG_Worn
Gold & Diamonds Single Hoop Earring - 8mmGold & Diamonds Single Hoop Earring - 8mm
Gold & Diamonds “Five” NecklaceFive_Necklace_Diamonds_Worn
Gold & Diamonds “Five” Necklace Sale priceFrom $1,857.00
Akoya Choker NecklaceAkoya_Choker_Necklace_YG_Worn
Akoya Choker Necklace Sale price$289.00
Akoya Long NecklaceAkoya_Long_Necklace_YG_Worn
Akoya Long Necklace Sale price$569.00
Akoya BraceletAkoya_Bracelet_YG_Worn
Akoya Bracelet Sale price$243.00
Rising Sun Gold & Diamonds EarringsRising_Sun_Studs_YG_Worn
To engraveGold Medal Necklace to EngraveEngravable_Medal_Necklace_Worn
Gold Medal Necklace to Engrave Sale price$1,150.00
To engraveGold Medal Bracelet to EngraveEngravable_Bracelets_Gold
To engraveGold Heart Bracelet to EngraveEngravable_Bracelets_Gold