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With origins in alternative and punk culture, ear piercings have become increasingly popular in recent times. Piercings are an integral part of cutting-edge design looks, worn by our favourite celebrities as well as on the catwalk, it’s clear that an evergrowing number of people are wishing to join the trend. However, there are still a lot of unanswered questions around the subject of piercings, therefore, Avinas brings to the market a range of cool and stylish piercings.

A few more details about piercings...

Helix, tragus, conch… Behind the veil of this technical jargon are actually the different areas of your ear that can be pierced.

In general, one starts by piercing the lobe, but there are about ten zones which can be pierced. The earring must therefore be adapted to the chosen piercing area and you must also take into account the healing time, which varies depending on the style of earring you wish to go for.

Where should I get my piercing done?

A trip to the pharmacy or the jeweller’s is often common for first lobe piercings, but we advise you to use the services of a professional piercer for greater precision as well as expert advice. The professional piercer is there to answer your questions, guide you in the choice of earrings, as well as inform you about the aftercare procedures.

Avinas works with certified piercers and offers you appointments, which are bookable in advance to carry out your needle piercing in a pleasant and safe environment in the center of Geneva.

Which part of the ear for a first piercing?

Here is a description of the different parts of the ear that can be pierced, as well as the healing time that corresponds to each area. In general, we start with the bottom of the ear with a double or triple piercing of the lobe but the piercing of the helix is also one of the most popular areas.

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Questions you can ask yourself


I want a piercing but I'm under 18. How does it work?

You can indeed come and have your ear pierced but you will simply have to bring your ID and be accompanied by your legal guardian, who must also bring their ID. If you do not have the same last name, simply remember to bring proof of legal responsibility.

What is the difference between piercing with a needle and piercing with a gun?

The techniques are notably different: with a gun, it is the earring that is used to pierce your ear. With a needle and a clamp, the hole is made painlessly with the needle and your earring is inserted once the hole is already pierced. There is no risk of tearing, as the needle allows for a very precise perforation.

Can I choose any earring for my piercing?

Not quite. Depending on the chosen area of the piercing, the length of the post can vary. In some cases, it is necessary to use earrings with longer posts to aid the healing process of the piercing. It is also essential that the earring is sterilized and made of hypo-allergenic metal. For all these reasons, we encourage you to ask our piercer for advice. Please note that our piercing range of earrings has been designed with differing lengths of posts to best fit the different areas of the ear that can be pierced.

I would like a piercing but I don't want to have my ear pierced

That is also possible. We sell ear cuffs, which are earrings that simply hug the ear. This is a good way to start learning about ear piercing without going through the piercing process.